Meeting of 15th June 2011, Reims

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On 10th December the declaration on the establishment of the Budapest Platform was signed by four national professional organisations: Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière from France, Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives from Hungary, the representative of Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations from Netherlands, and managing director of two Portugese-Spanish working communities. The declaration defined the main goals of cooperation, which are the followings:

  • to create professional supporting network on European level;
  • to share experiences acquired during their operation;
  • to use these experiences for a common benefit;
  • to harmonize their professional activities;
  • to realize common initiatives, professional programs and projects;
  • and through the above mentioned activities to develop in a complex way the border areas of the countries represented by those organizations.

The cooperating parties met in Reims, France on 15th June for the first time before the MOT’s annual General Assembly and Conference.

The participants have agreed on the following points: a platform will have an own ​​website with minimal content including links to members’ website. For the sake of easier identification, the cooperation will be named as ‘Budapest Platform’. The partners welcomed that CESCI had the opportunity to publish a booklet in English and Hungarian as well.

In the year 2011 two common appearances are planned: on the one hand the initiative will be introduced on the Open Days of the Committee of the Regions, on the other hand, the partners will organise a workshop dealing with cohesion policy and European territorial cooperation in Brussels in autumn.

The interest for the cooperation was expressed by the representative of a professional organisation called IMeG from Saarland.