Contents of the Budapest Declaration

Taking into account

  • the increasing role of the European Territorial Cooperation within the Cohesion Policy of the EU;
  • the recommendations included into the White Paper on the multi-level governance created by the Committee of the Regions;
  • the efforts made by the EU, the Council of Europe as well as the national governments for the closing up of border areas thus the decreasing of territorial differences;
  • the potential force of the innovative solutions provided by the EC Regulation 1082/2006 and Protocol No. 3 to the Madrid Outline Convention (Council of Europe Treaty Series 206);


  • the facilities provided by sharing knowledge and experiences accumulated in the different professional bodies;
  • synergistic effects given by cooperation as well as
  • other advantages being inherent in a cooperation within the frame of a network

the undersigned as representatives of organizations supporting cross-border cooperation signing this declaration express their intention

  • to create professional supporting network on European level;
  • to share experiences acquired during their operation;
  • to use these experiences for a common benefit;
  • to harmonize their professional activities;
  • to realize common initiatives, professional programs and projects;
  • and through the above mentioned activities to develop in a complex way the border areas of the countries represented by those organizations.

Budapest, 10th December 2010

  • Nuño Almeida, Coordinator of the Working Communities, Galicia-North Portugal and Castilla y León-North Portugal
  • Dr Hans-Günther CLEV, Director of the Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière
  • Dr György KOCZISZKY, President of the Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives
  • Auke Van DER GOOT, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations, the Netherlands